The Australian Silky Terrier is both a hardy and fun-loving little dog, low-set, with a strong terrier character
in alertness, activity and soundness.

With their love of exercise and their will to work, they are ideal pets for children and elderly people alike. They are a great asset in the playground or home. They are an admirable deterrent for uninvited visitors and they give wonderful companionship. These great little dogs would die for you if need be.

Originating from the breeding of the Australian Terrier
and the Yorkshire Terrier, with a few other
breeds thrown into the mix, the Australian Silky Terrier is an active, outgoing and sound small dog, forever alert to
what is happening around him. With these qualities, the Silky has proven to be an excellent watchdog.

A silky is not a lap dog, and WILL bark as the terrier characteristic comes to the fore.

The dog is compact, moderately low set and of medium length with a refined structure. Silkies were bred originally to hunt & kill domestic rodents. They can kill a rat in seconds and have been known to kill snakes.

They are a hardy little dog, with a life-span of around
16 years.

All Australian Silky puppies are born black and tan. As the dog matures the tan remains and, from approximately three to twelve months of age, their true colour materialises - that is blue and tan, or grey/blue and tan, with a silver or fawn topknot.

The silky coat - from which the name "Silky" derives, is of a soft nature and is non-shedding. For this reason, the breed is always in great demand as a house pet because of the lack of the 'doggy-odours' that are usually associated with hard-coated breeds.

Silkys are great companions for people who suffer from allergies associated with dog hair.

As a breed, Australian Silkys are very affectionate and have an enjoyment for living.

When you have been away for any length of time, they are always eager to greet you, and are so happy to have
you back home.

Their 'glad to see you' attitude will brighten your day. In their own special way, they each have different ways of showing their affection. Some are 'waggers' - not just their tails, but their whole body, especially when company arrives or you praise them for something they have done.

Then there are the 'nuzzlers' - when they are in your company they will nudge you with their nose, just for you to pay attention to them.

And then there are the 'mates' - no matter where you go, or what you do, they are always there beside you, investigating what you have done.

In no time at all, your Silky will own you and love, guard and serve you for his or her life-span.

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