Bath your dog at least once a week with a good lanolin shampoo, followed by a conditioner. It is fine to use the same shampoo/conditioner on puppy as you use on your own hair.

Towel dry then brush thoroughly until dry, in the sun on a good day, or use a hair-dryer.

NEVER leave your dog wet.

Finally, comb through with a fine steel comb.

Don't forget a flea rinse in the final rinse when bathing
and mix according to instructions. Flea rinses & powders are poisonous, Keep them on a high shelf, out of reach of children.
Grooming daily - or every other day, will keep your silky lovable
and a joy to own.

Australian Silky Terriers do not shed coat or suffer from doggie odour.

Keep ears trimmed of long hair, and pluck any hair out of the inside of the ears. You can use eyebrow tweezers for this, however, puppy may not like it, but it is important to guard against ear-mites.

Trim a little off his nails every week
(not forgetting his dewclaws - if he still has them)
If he has had his dewclaws removed, check they have not grown back.

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