We have had Australian Silky Terriers in our lives for over 30 years, and have been showing and breeding them since 1996.

This website has been designed to introduce you to the wonderful Australian Silky Terrier breed.

If you - like many people - have had an Australian Silky Terrier in the past you will know what a joy it is to have one (or 6) around.

You will find more information about the breed in general on the "Breed History" page

Our Breeding Program

We do not breed a litter simply for the sake of having puppies > We breed primarily for ourselves to firstly 'better the breed' and to show in conformation shows

All of our prospective breeding pairs are specially selected
after carefully researching the pedigrees of both parents.
Indeed, some matings are planned even before the 'parents' have been born.

It's not as easy as just putting a dog and bitch together and hope for a wonderful litter.

The offspring are then monitored in their early days and weeks
to choose the best for the show ring.

e, as registered breeders are governed by a strict Code of Conduct, as set down by Dogs NSW, which we are obliged to abide by. We do not breed our dogs until they have reached full maturity usually at 2 years as a minimum age and only then, if they are suitable for breeding.

Not all puppies/dogs are suited to the show ring and those that do not make it are offered for adoption as pets and companions to carefully screened new homes.

Those offered as pets/companions does not in any way
mean they are 'inferior'... simply that they not suited to the show ring. They could be the wrong colour, have incorrect shaped eyes or simply would rather run around the house and yard being loved by a loving family.

We believe that pet families have an equal right to have a well-bred puppy, and do not view puppy families as a means of off-loading inferior or 'sub-standard'puppies. By providing quality, healthy puppies to pet families by responsible registered breeders gives those families the option NOT to purchase inferior specimens of the breed from pet shops or puppy farmers, where they do not know exactly >what they are buying.

Priority is given to those families on our waiting list who have completed a 'Puppy Inquiry Form',
which can be found on our "Puppy Page".

Our puppies are Health Certified and lovingly raised in
our home in clean and tidy conditions and are totally spoilt.

Once puppies are up and around, at around 4 weeks of age, they are given free run of our house. In good weather conditions, they have a large puppy pen
on the lawn to run around in. By the time they go to their new homes, they are well adjusted,
well-socialised and familiar with the usual household noises and activities.

Our puppies do not leave until they are at least 9-10 weeks of age
and we encourage prospective new owners to visit (by appointment), but not until after the puppy has had their
first vaccination at around 7 weeks of age. Families often call to visit their puppies once they are old enough. On these visits families are introduced to both parents and can interact with them.

New owners are carefully screened and new families are required to complete our agreement form
as set out on our 'Puppy Page'.

Please feel free to check out the rest of our site.
We have attempted to make it both informative and interesting.

Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions.

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