How much grooming does that beautiful coat require?

The Chin's coat requires nothing more than brushing or combing once every day or two to maintain its appearance, with special attention being given to the area under the ears and legs and to the skirt; they have no coat odor and do not require frequent bathing.

Although frequent (ie.daily) combing is needed to keep the coat soft and lustrous, the single-layered coat does not require frequent bathing, as it does not trap odors and dirt. If you are not showing your dog, you may opt for a shorter “puppy cut” rather than the traditional long flowing hair that needs daily attention.

Chin are single-coated and single-hair shedders, much like people, and it is very seldom one will find a Chin with an undercoat.

Un-spayed females will also molt most of their coats after ending their heat seasons, generally ending up with thinner coats than males and spayed females.

Without fiber in the diet, they may need to have their anal glands expressed.

The oversized eye orbits contribute to moisture about the face and the skin folds in and around the nose and flattened facial area can trap moisture and cause fungal problems. The face should be occasionally wiped with a damp cloth and the folds cleaned with a cotton swab.







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